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You can really see here how beautiful her blue-green eyes are! We can see somewhat of a style pattern here as she seems to have grown fond of the Old Hollywood vibe with the back-combed hair and timeless dress.

That being said, Serratos has definitely grown into her looks since her youth. How does she enjoy always working out? The light seafoam color is complimentary and the cut of the dress really shows off her beautiful curves. Lesbian girls with sex. Christian serratos nude pics. And, she looks hella hot doing it. Wow, strong really IS the new sexy! Here she's seen wearing a tiny crop top of the English punk band The Clash good styling for a rebellious girl such as herself and tiny denim shorts.

Not that we want to compare Christian Serratos to a Kardashian but she does resemble Kim K just a little bit here. Her hair is a bit shorter than usual, it's shoulder-length and styled into the popular messy lob long bob for anyone who's been living under a rock hairstyle. Who knows, maybe her fitness secrets will help many women who see her as body goals! While both of our The Walking Dead ladies have gorgeous, slender figures, Christian's figure is a bit curvier than Lauren's, while Lauren's is more like something you'd see in the fitspo tag on Instagram.

When you have naturally beautiful and healthy hair, you can pull off any hairstyle. In most of her photos she's sexy and cute, but here she's just straight up sexy. The most LOL-worthy things the Internet has to offer. We've got you covered: She gives people space and is very quiet. Big booms naked. The makeup adds to her natural sultriness, as the cat-eye flick really suits her piercing blue eyes and makes them pop out even more. Iconic 90's Rock Singer Dies At The extremely bright background just adds to the glamour of the shoot.

In other scenes, his weakness is displayed, like when he stops the Alexandrians from raiding the food pantry, only to then takes alcohol for himself and get drunk. This photo is from when she posed for their June issue, and we have to say she should have been ranked way higher than 65! It was not a breakout role for Serratos by any means. It perfectly shows off the whole sexy-but-cute vibe that Christian often has going on. After all, proper clothing and equipment is an important part of working out successfully!

Not to mention that the way in which he broke up with her was really harsh. Lonzo Ball's Girlfriend Announces Pregnancy.

Here's a really hot photo of Lauren from her Maxim October photo shoot. Pregnancy and parenting news, given to you in a way nobody else has. It must be those British genes, right? Serratos is really feeling her hair in this picture, right?

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These are people who wear walker skin so as to blend in with the walkers.

Way to score some sweet points Eugene. This photo is from when Lauren posed for GQ Mexico, and perfectly shows off her amazing abs! But both are great, it's just a matter of personal preference! How does she enjoy always working out? This is definitely another good example of how strong is the new sexy! Once again, showing off that back and those curves. Sexy girl braces. In Christian was ranked no.

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She then leads people away to decapitate them and put their head on a spike. Wow, she truly is a photogenic young woman! Rosita would take a pair of low-cut jeans and tiny tank top over this look any day of the week. He only has one thing on his mind: This photo the camera focuses more on Lauren's face. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. The photo itself is super hot with Serratos wearing a see-through lace shirt and underwear. Her character is very close to Bella Kristen Stewart and is one of the more positive portrayals of humans in that world.

Leaning over an armchair onto a dressing table in a hotel room which perfectly suits the whole Old Hollywood vibe that Playboy was going for, Christian gives an effortless half-smile for the camera. Christian serratos nude pics. In fact, her coaches were even talking about training her for the Olympics.

This stunning black and white photo is from when Christian posed for Stndrd Magazine. Shanti big tits. Once again she's in baby blue, but because she has her usual dark chocolate hair color, she's sexier than in the Rehab party photo where she was just cute because of the blonde hair. Lauren Cohan In 20 Pics. In other scenes, his weakness is displayed, like when he stops the Alexandrians from raiding the food pantry, only to then takes alcohol for himself and get drunk.

With the dress' pattern combined with her locks styled into beachy waves and the no-makeup look, she kind of looks like a mermaid, don't you think? Serratos is really feeling her hair in this picture, right? She looks great on the show without makeup on and stunning on the red carpet with makeup. The first reason being that running in a dress is difficult. The color scheme, along with the heavy eyeshadow, helps bring out her beautiful blue eyes which are an amazing contrast against her dark brown messy bob.

The extremely bright background just adds to the glamour of the shoot.

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